Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recluse Grave by Eggman

Recluse Grave, originally uploaded by eqqman.

'Two centuries ago, a man lived in the area, a recluse shunned by the other villagers. Though wolf attacks were common at the time, his flock of sheep was never touched. One night when the moon was full, a farmer saw a wolf run into the shadows; he gave his gun and gave chase. He fired at a shot, but in the darkness, could not find the animal's corpse. He waited until the following morning, where he discovered the body of the recluse in his field. With the superstitions of the time, the villagers did not wish to bury the man in sacred ground, and so erected a tombstone far out in the surrounding forest. I remember coming across this grave as a child, but until now, I could not locate it despite my constant searching.' - Eggman

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