Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mortal World Turned to Ice... CANCELLATIONS Thursday & Friday

Due to inclement weather and everything covered in nearly 2 feet of snow...

Test Night, Thursday (10-29) and the Friday Opening (10-30) have been CANCELLED.

We will do our haunty best to continue with an opening on Saturday Evening, Halloween Night 10-31.

"Mortal world turned to ice... Here be goblin paradise!" - Legend

More to Come. :D

The Roses


  1. Ah, the joys of Denver weather. I've already come to grips and decided to embrace it. Should make for some cool lighting effects with all the white. Also, I won't need to use my fog chiller. I'll just run the piping through the snow : ) One giant bummer though is that I was going to bring my family to see your haunt tomorrow night. I guess next year... Be well friends, haunt on.

    Curt (Mixman)

  2. Hi Curt!

    We are starting to see things in a new light today... using the snow to our advantage, and embracing it - like you. :D

    We will be working all day today to make what we can of what we've started. We'll run a bit of a test night tonight to see if we can make it all work. You and the family are still welcome to come on by and check it out, finished or not... We'd love to have you. :)