Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few Night Photos... Darkrose Manor 2010 'The Hollow'

The entire photo set can be found by clicking here. *EDIT - I have changed the link to take you directly to the slideshow of the set that contains the high-rez images.


  1. I just want to come sit in one of those pictures.....looks like pure heaven! Great job!


  2. Wow! So is this a shed you built, or is it a facade on your front porch or garage? It really is creepy. I'm not sure I'd brave that path myself.

  3. Stephanie... Thank you!!

    I guess it could be said that it is both a facade and a shed of sorts. It was built on one side of the front of the house as a witch's shack that extends out about 8 feet from the front of the house by 30 feet long to the edge of the garage. It was then roofed and fully stocked with furniture and all the witch's necessities. On the front of the garage it is attached directly to the house and was made to look as if it was an old mine entrance.

    Thanks again Stephanie!!