Friday, November 11, 2011

Darkrose Manor 2011- Night Photos

IMG_4167IMG_4296IMG_4283IMG_4263IMG_42502011-10-30 18.21.40
IMG_4176IMG_4186IMG_4184Copy-AIMG_4164IMG_41612011-10-30 18.26.20

Video to come...


Huge Thank you's go out, as always, to our wonderful neighbors! Mary (World's Best Zombifier) & Jon, Fraz & Jan, Jamie & Jenny, Lynn, Don and Val, Jimmy & Corinne! Our family! Mama, Ana Grace, Jason, Jordan, Dillon, Mom & Pop! And of course, our super cool zombie security staff! Mick, Dustin, Jimmy, Jason, Don! And a final thank you to Tasha, who made this year's night photos something worth posting! You're awesome, Tash!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Santa,

    Please bring me a haunted pipe organ. If you have trouble choosing one, look at Darkrose's site for inspiration.

    Best, Ghoul Friday

    (You've created an amazing other-world. It's lovely!)