Saturday, November 3, 2012

Darkrose Manor 2012


Darkrose Manor 2012, a set on Flickr.

2012 at Darkrose Manor. The scaled down version of 2010's 'The Hollow' Or as we have begun to call it... "Darkrose Small-O" We had fun - it was far less stress this year.

We sat on the porch again, just the two of us. We haven't done that since our first year. The witch and the pirate just enjoying handing out candy to our visitors. 454 tots by the end of the night - which we found surprising and were grateful for despite the lack of a completely enshrouded house.

Now that we've reminded ourselves how much the simplicity of our love for Halloween truly is, we just might be able to happily get back to basics for next year after all.


  1. Scaled-down or not, your haunt looks absolutely breathtaking. So much detail to be ogled at. I love the use of the creepy cloth and the lanterns. Two of my favorite things to see in a haunt are organic debris (tree limbs, ivy, moss, leaves, cornstalks, dead shrubbery etc...) and lots of jack o' lanterns.

    You've nailed them both.

    Truly incredible work.

  2. Thanks, Marrow! You're a sweetheart, as always! :-) We agree competely about the use of the debris and organics - it just doesn't feel haunty without it. Thank you again!

  3. I love a haunter's version of "scaled back" or hardly decorated :) Even I "did less" and from friend's reaction, my less was still more.

    It looked beautiful. Even more importantly, you were able to reconnect with the holiday. And that's an even more beautiful thing.

    1. Thanks, Miss Ghoul Friday! :-) You are absolutely right, we did still have happy tots - and ultimately, being able to reconnect with Halloween on this level meant the world to us. I think we were definitely at risk of haunter-burnout... to spend the evening as we did was just what the Haunt Doc ordered. :-)

  4. It looked awesome as always. I too love all the organic elements that you use. I'm glad you were able to really enjoy the evening. I had a similar experience of sorts this year. Time was not on my side so I was limited to a one day setup. I stripped it down to the basics - lights, fog, a simple stereo soundtrack and some tombstones and props. It worked out great.

  5. The moss and the layering of creepy cloth gives your haunt a really nice organic feel. Love the pumpkin headed scarecrow :)