Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mini haunt in lieu of lifesize haunt...

So, unfortunately, DRM will not be haunting the yard this year. Instead, because I cannot even concieve of not doing something haunt related, I have begun to haunt in miniature... Here's a preview and a link to the new Etsy shop... there is much more to be added to the new shop in the coming days...

Arcanum Miniatures on Etsy
Flickr Photos (The Flickr photos are still raw - processsing will likely take some time.)

Thanks for looking, visiting, commenting, and supporting Darkrose Manor! Hopefully, we'll be back in full size next year!


  1. I seldom have had the setup to do a big yard sort of halloweenscape. But I do decorate inside, which has required me to focus on creating a tableau. This is quite inspirational, actually. Me likes.

  2. Wow, amazing!! Like everything you do!!


  3. It can be a heartache when you have a year where you can't haunt big, but these scenes are a heck of a lot of fun (so you're haunting big, but in little form) ;)