Monday, October 15, 2012

Darkrose Manor needs donations of pumpkins and cornstalks

Darkrose Manor needs donations of pumpkins and cornstalks -

Ok so... technically, Darkrose Manor will not be running the full yard haunt this year. We just couldn't swing it financially. However, in an effort to keep the spirit alive for our neighborhood kids who look forward to this community event every year, we are asking for donations of pumpkins and corn stalks.

Please help - any donation will be accepted whether it's one pumpkin, one corn stalk bundle, or a truckload of both. We need your help!! Please help us keep the halloween spirit alive for these kids!

Not to mention, hopefully keeping our house from being TP'd by the disappointed kids because we couldn't afford the decorations this year!

Email or Comment for more info and to help. We greatly appreciate you!

Thank you!!!!!! Thank you!!! Thank You!!!!

Darkrose Manor provides a safe and fun trick-or-treating experience for kids of all ages in Southeast Aurora's Carriage Place neighborhood. No blood or guts - and tons of fun. We have been featured on 7News and in The Aurora Sentinel. For more information please visit..

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  1. Good luck! Sorry to hear you can't put your haunt together this year.