Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Straw Bales and an Orange Lightbulb...

So, in an effort to get into the spirit, despite the lack of true Darkrose Manor glory in our front yard this year, we were outside setting up a few harvesty/halloweeny items on the front porch yesterday afternoon.

We had several bales of wonderfully decomposing straw that had been sitting in the backyard all summer. So, we decided to arrange them around the front porch to house a few jackos and maybe a pumpkin creep or two to keep Virgil company for Halloween. 'Darkrose Hollow' - or rather 'Darkrose Small-o' - for 2012.

So, a few straw bales, tree stumps, and a couple of orange bulbs in the trees later, we are sitting on the porch, happily sipping adult beverages, enjoying the early evening autumn air while admiring the small setup, if not lamenting the true lack of 'overboard' that we have usually accomplished by this time of year... when suddenly, a small gold sedan pulls up to the curb, the window rolls down, and an older woman hollers out the window saying, "if you block the street with people at your house this year, I AM CALLING THE COPS!" She then rolls up the window and speeds off just as quickly as she pulled up to the curb. No time for discussion, no time for retort. Nada.

Nice. The funny part is that we actually had security directing traffic last year. The road wasn't blocked - at all.

This followed an afternoon where most were stopping by to ask us why we hadn't set everything else up this year and that they were terribly disappointed.

Apparently, a 'harvesty' look at DRM is just as scary to some of our neighbors as the real DRM thing.

Whatever. I guess we can't please everyone.
Still looking for pumpkins and corn stalks to complete the tamed down version of Darkrose Small-o, though. :-)


  1. Every neighborhood has a Halloween fun sucker. We take our time setting up some years...you know, weather, projects running late, etc. One year as we were setting up a man slammed on his brakes and hollers at us, "Thank God! We were afraid you moved and my son and I wait all year wondering what you're adding. We can't wait!" Now, that guy, I love him!

    1. I agree. (I also like the way you put it - halloween fun-sucker. LOL) Really, the fun-suckers are few and far between, even here - so I suppose we should be grateful that, for the most part - we have the latter. :-)

  2. Man, why oh why do people have to have such a bad attitude. Our neighbors in both hoods we've lived in have always been incredibly receptive of our display. If anyone had ever said this to me I'd had flipped em off. I swear people today have all but lost any sense of community

    1. Agreed here, as well. I seriously considered waiting for her to come back around the corner, just so I could jump out in front of her car to do just that.

  3. That story officially gets filed under "what the...". I mean...that's just lame. And rude. All you can do is lift your alcoholic beverage and say "And a Happy Halloween to you too".

    Isn't it nice to know this woman has such a perfect life that the ONLY thing she has to worry about is people stopping to look at bales of hay.