Friday, December 18, 2009

Poppets on Etsy...

Sorry folks, I've been terrible about posting and moderating and such lately. been very very busy with new dolls and the holidays. However, finally have some new dolls up on My Etsy Store...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Twisted Poppets

Been working on six new Twisted Poppets, these are the first two completed. More to come and hopefully posted to my Etsy Shop by the end of the coming weekend.

Twisted Poppet #6 - Thorn

Twisted Poppet #5 - Thicket

More photos here: Filialuna Flickr

Friday, November 20, 2009

Please Vote for The Davis Graveyard...

They have an amazing haunt and they absolutely deserve to win the Home Haunter's Association contest. They are currently just a few hundred votes away from 1st place and this is the last day for voting!!

Please go and vote 5 stars for The Davis Graveyard at You Tube.

Click the link below to be taken to their video. You must watch all the way through for the view to count and rate them at 5 stars!!!

Please, please, please - Go Vote!!!! Help us to make sure that those who deserve the win actually do!!

(Don't worry about us over here... we knew full well that it was a long shot for us at best this year. We didn't have great photos, nor did we really know what we were doing with the camera. We wholeheartedly support The Davis Graveyard and we want to see them WIN!!!!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Filigree

Fascinating and innovative art doll designs and extremely clever newsletters by Martin Obakke and Celena Cavala of The Filigree...

Visit The Filigree Etsy Shop

Visit The Filigree Website

Visit The Filigree Bog

Clockwork Cannibal Charlottes

Prof Maelstromme's unbelieveably imaginative and wonderful jewelry design and textiles...

Visit her Etsy shop

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Edit of the Darkrose Manor Video

Don't be too hard on us... this is our first video editing attempt. ;)

Click on the link below... and please rate our video for the Home Haunters Association Awards!

Darkrose Manor 2009 Video - First Edit

We are learning though, so a final edit will be polished & completed later this month

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Pumpkin Cemetary

Our 2009 Jacko's prepare to become one with the Earth... it's a sad, sad day. :(

Monday, November 2, 2009

Darkrose Manor - Halloween 2009

Huge thanks goes out to all who participated this year!

A huge thanks to Mama, for all her hard work and efforts put in to make this happen this year, despite the blizzard and exhaustion. ;)

Aaron, Rachel, Kennedy, Kaleb, & Stacey, all of you were so helpful to us on Halloween night, and kids, you are the most amazing little haunters.

Our wonderful new neighbors, who were extremely supportive of our freaky yard this year. Jamie, Jenny, Bridget and CJ: Fraz and Jan: Jimmy, Corrine, Jalayah, Kiaya & Isaiah: Evelyn & Darryl. We couldn't have done it without all your love & support.

Thanks to our lovely BrewMaster neighbors, who were kind enough to bring us a wonderful bottle of their home-brewed Pumpkin Spice Ale - the most amazing beer we have ever tasted! And to Jane and Andrew for the fantastic Pumpkin Bread!

An extra special thanks to this year's inspiration for our 'Homage to Rot' themed haunt, Pumpkinrot & Bean. No one will ever achieve it like the two of you. :)

And last but certainly not least, to all of the near 600 visitors who took the time to wander our haunted yard on Halloween night. You are what makes all of this worth it. We thank you for a hugely successful evening!

Here are a few photos from this year's display. Video soon to come. Factory galleries will also be updated this week.

Happy Halloween and Many Thanks!!
-The Roses

More Photos...

And More Photos...

Added this one because it's one of our favorites from the daylight images...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Test Night & Pumpkin Bread...

Alright, screw the weather!!!!

We are working our hineys off to get enough done today to be able to run a test night tonight, 10-30!

The sweetest lady, a neighbor from the next street over, 'Jane' stopped by with her son, Andrew, a little while ago to say 'Thank You' for all we have done for the community for this Halloween. There is nothing that could have warmed our hearts more to be able to push through this weather and make it happen no matter what. Oh... and she came bearing the most beautiful loaf of freshly made Pumpkin bread!!!! Thank You Jane & Andrew!!!!!!! You made our day, and our Halloween.

The 'Cancelled' sign has been pitched into the trash...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mortal World Turned to Ice... CANCELLATIONS Thursday & Friday

Due to inclement weather and everything covered in nearly 2 feet of snow...

Test Night, Thursday (10-29) and the Friday Opening (10-30) have been CANCELLED.

We will do our haunty best to continue with an opening on Saturday Evening, Halloween Night 10-31.

"Mortal world turned to ice... Here be goblin paradise!" - Legend

More to Come. :D

The Roses

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Snow and Inclement Weather

Well, we are getting dumped on with heavy snow. This has put a bit of a damper on preparations... PLEASE READ ON FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION...

However, we are diehard haunters. As such will go on as planned for this season. Please be aware that Test Night as originally scheduled - Thursday October 29th, will likely be spent making repairs and attempting to finish up preparations that we were unable to get to as a result of the weather. We will not be in costume on this night.

Now... if the weather does not clear, we will move Test Night to Friday October 30th. Visitors are still welcome on this night, all we ask is that you bear in mind that repairs will be under way and lighting/fog may be scarce.

Thanks and HAPPY HAUNTINGS!!! See you this weekend!!

The Roses

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fighting the Snow...

We are busily preparing for the big nights. Unfortunately, we've had little help from Mother Nature this year...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Virgil - Homage to 'Rot'

'Virgil' has been completed for the 2009 display.

He was built as a direct homage to the man we view as being the Master of the Halloween Yard Haunt - 'Pumpkinrot'.

You can visit his website by clicking here :

His blog by clicking here:

To see more images of 'Virgil', including his work in progress photos, return to the main Darkrose Manor website, click on the 'Factory' link and then click on the thumbnail of Virgil to be taken to his slideshow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Gothic Beeswax

Gothic Beeswax, originally uploaded by jack and cat curio.

Love, love, love, love, love the collage and print collections at Jack and Cat Curio...

Their Etsy Shop is here:

Blog is here:

Flickr Pumpkin

Halloween, originally uploaded by fabbio.

Brilliant carving - 'The Pumpkin King'...

Google Map - Darkrose Manor

Google Map to Darkrose Manor -

October 29th (test night), October 30th, October 31st - Dark until 10pm

View Darkrose Manor in a larger map

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thistle waves 'goodbye'... as she begins her journey to her new loving home with Charles in TX...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Key Note

Our dear friend Kristina just returned from 'Burning Man' She uploaded several fantastic photos of her journey. This is a favorite sculpture that I SOOOO wish I had been able to see in person. The scale of this thing is just as impressive as the concept.

'Key Note'
by Michael Christian, Oakland, CA