Monday, August 31, 2009

The Nightmare Factory 2009

The first few photos of Darkrose Manor's 'Nightmare Factory' (aka workshop) for 2009

(more images on the website 'factory' gallery)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Darkrose Manor Official Merchandise

Exciting News!!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


So Haunted, originally uploaded by H@ns.

What I wouldn't give to own THIS house...

St. Stanislaus

St. Stanislaus, originally uploaded by The Skipping Hippy.

St. Stanislaus, Patapsco Valley State Park, Baltimore County, Maryland


, originally uploaded by Lucky-S.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

darkspellwitch2 006

darkspellwitch2 006, originally uploaded by woopitydooart.

Yes, yes, today is all about the witch...

'The Dark Spell Witch Haunted Dollhouse Miniature Art Doll
5 1/2" tall all hand sculpted and painted by artist Pat Benedict ...woopitydooart '

From the studio of Pat Benedict -

White Magick Witch Spirit Doll

Wow!! Gorgeous witchy love... Dlynne Art Dolls

Her Etsy:

"The White Magick Witch Spirit will listen and hold sacred all secrets or spells told to her by her guardian of spirit. She will bring magick filled with love, energy, protection, and support. Despite her creepy appearance, she is filled with magical love along with just enough creep so that she is able to immediately deflect any black magic energies from entering her space." - DLynne

Creepy Witch Doll Clove

The talented and fabulously creepy doll artist, Miss Jade Perez ...



myspace page:


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recluse Grave by Eggman

Recluse Grave, originally uploaded by eqqman.

'Two centuries ago, a man lived in the area, a recluse shunned by the other villagers. Though wolf attacks were common at the time, his flock of sheep was never touched. One night when the moon was full, a farmer saw a wolf run into the shadows; he gave his gun and gave chase. He fired at a shot, but in the darkness, could not find the animal's corpse. He waited until the following morning, where he discovered the body of the recluse in his field. With the superstitions of the time, the villagers did not wish to bury the man in sacred ground, and so erected a tombstone far out in the surrounding forest. I remember coming across this grave as a child, but until now, I could not locate it despite my constant searching.' - Eggman


Gorgeously expressive image by Nicola Okin Frioli
- visit the Flickr page to read more about the 'Accidental Mummies'

Flaming Jack O Lantern

Flaming Jack O Lantern, originally uploaded by valdezrl.


Tree in the Fog - Pinhole Photograph by Scott Speck

This is one of the most stunning images I have ever seen.

Many thanks to Scott Speck - Integrity of Light for allowing usage of his brilliant photograph.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Loopy Boopy Art Doll - Audrey and Skully

I just love her wickedly unique art dolls. They make my scary heart sing.

Her Blog is here.

Lil Witchy

Ooodles of adoration for this fabulous 1/12 scale miniature witch's desk by Millie of LILWITCHY...


Alright, so my guess is that no one is able to access the site for very long.

No matter what browser I'm using, whether or not I have cleared the browsing cache, or whether or not I increaase the amount of Flash virtual memory to maximum - the site keeps crashing less than a minute or two after hitting it.

Have contacted the support team at my hosting company. Fingers crossed. I really don't want to have to rebuild again.

On another note, I was able to finish the image organization for the factory galleries last night. Not that it matters much if you can't get to it to see it. Blah! STUPID WIX!!! I think I'm going back to Flickr surfing for awhile. ;D

Creepy Tree in Fog

Creepy Tree in Fog, originally uploaded by jessicalee11.

Do not walk up on this one on a dark night, it might...

By Jessica Lee at Flickr

The World is Haunted . . .

The World is Haunted . . ., originally uploaded by Shain Erin.

Love, Love, Love Shain Erin's work.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cauldron Craft

witch library box 4, originally uploaded by CauldronCraft.

Grimdeva's mixed media and miniature art is absolutely magical. I've always been obsessed with miniatures, that's probably why I wound up being a doll artist. Her work combines the spooky and vintage so beautifully. Her Etsy shop.


The new website is up. Though I haven't finished organizing and uploading all of the images. Especially in the 'Factory' galleries. On the old site, it was just one VERY longggggggggg slideshow of all the projects at once. It took about an hour to get through the whole thing if anyone was patient enough to do so. I designed the new site in Flash, so I'm wondering if there will be any viewing or loading issues for some visitors. My hosting company is not as reliable as I would like. Although, if you found your way here, I imagine it worked out alright for you. ;)


We've made the official decision to expand into the backyard this year. Very exciting. The ideas are flowing nonstop. Our only real concern now is that there are only 86 days until Halloween! We've enlisted a few friends to help out with construction, so that should help us reach our goals in time for the big nights. (3 nights this year!)
Here's a great site to visit...
DeadSpider was part of the inspiration for last year's Witch's Kitchen...

Visit her Etsy Shop to see all of her beautiful Witch Curio Potion Bottles, labels and trinkets.

New House… New Possiblities…

Originally Posted in the Filialuna Designs Blog - May 12, 2009 •

We’ve completed the big move. Now it’s just a matter of taming the ‘jenga jungle’ as we call it.
I’m looking forward to new creative adventures and working on setting up the new studio so that I can get back to work.

As the yard here at the new house is so much larger, I have begun to get excited about the Halloween season again. Each year we haunt our yard for the neighborhood kids and each year new ideas jump into our heads about how to expand and make it even better than the last.
As these new possibilities come flooding in, I have been visiting some of my old favorite sites and yard haunter blogs and wanted to take a moment to make mention of one of our all-time favorites.
Their yard haunt is one we aspire to and is absolutely worth a visit:
The Website:

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll find there: