Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Associated Press...

We found out this morning that The Associated Press picked up Adam Goldstein's story on us from the Aurora Sentinel. Congratulations Adam & Gabriel! Thanks so much for everything! This is very exciting!

We've found the story in the following publications:

The Aurora Sentinel
The San Francisco Examiner
The Denver Post
USA Today (via Delaware Online)
Wyoming's Gillette News Record
USA Today (via
The Washington Examiner
The Denver Channel (ABC 7 News)

Thank you Adam & Gabriel!! We hope to see you again soon! :)


  1. The article was interesting to read to discover some of the details of your home haunting. Thank you for sharing. I am a gal down in Tucson, AZ and just love Halloween like so many. I found your Darkrose Manor website through about 2 years ago. I've very much enjoyed following your art and haunt progress. It's inspirational. I'm not one for the guts/gore/jump in your face haunted house types of things so popular today so I really appreciate your alternative. I hope one day to make a contribution with my own haunt! Immensely, I thank you for providing that which broadens our creative dreams. Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!