Friday, October 8, 2010

You know you're a haunter if... October, you clean your garage more than your house;

your house & yard becomes a visual speed bump;

you make more trips to the hardware store than the grocery store;

you have to schedule a media night;

children walk by and say WTF...

...your neighbors complain that THEY have to buy more candy because of YOU;

you have more skulls in your garage than friends on FB;

you actually consider how your home improvements will affect your haunt;

you can think of something to add to this list... need to fill out a vacation request for the day AFTER Halloween;

you stop doing yard work in August;

you provide an additional 60 amp power supply to your electrical service;

your countdown to Halloween starts in July;

you think your countdown SHOULD have started in May.


  1. Really great post. I agree with it all.

  2. Completely guilty on all counts!!



  3. I scored 9 and would have scored a 10, but I'm having a Halloween party INSIDE, so the house is getting just as cleaned--carpet, new ceiling fan, some drywall repair! lol

    Too funny!

  4. SHOULD have started in May :P
    love it!! and yoou!! :DD