Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goldenrod Crab Spider

We've had a beautiful Goldenrod Crab Spider like this one take up residence under our coach light by the front door.

She's quite large and very agile. She's been with us nearly 3 weeks now, though lately she's been hiding under a leaf in a fake plant that hangs there due to all the rucus with haunt setup. Or maybe she's incubating babies.... hard to say what the true reason is.

I keep going out later at night to see if she is spinning a new web again, so that she might let me photograph her. Though, she's been playing camera shy.

It's truly an amazing and beautiful thing when she lets us watch her and we check every day to see that she is still there. We hope she sticks around for the haunt - there's nothing quite like a real spider and web for authenticity. :)

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