Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Windy Tree, originally uploaded by Mohain.

The wind yesterday produced gusts up to 50mph. It wreaked some havoc on the display but nothing catastrophic as of yet. (knock on wood)

It is supposed to continue today and then die off for tomorrow. There isn't much point to starting any repairs just yet. So if you are someone who plans to drive by the yard later - you may want to wait until tomorrow night. :)

We were joking last night that the effect the wind created in the windows and the banging shell chimes were sounds that we would usually download and use as atmospheric effects in the haunt. And yet, here it was in real life! It's too bad we didn't have any great recording equipment or we might have tried it.

Truthfully, we'll take wind over masses of Halloween snow or rain any day!

The countdown has begun!

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  1. Sounds kind cool! Hope everything goes well for your Halloween night!!